descriptionYet Another V4L2 Test Application
ownerLaurent Pinchart
last changeFri, 13 May 2016 18:16:31 +0000 (21:16 +0300)
2016-05-13 Laurent PinchartPrint driver name when querying capabilities master
2015-12-14 Tuukka ToivonenReturn proper error code if STREAMON fails
2015-12-12 Laurent PinchartPrint the number of frames and bytes captured when...
2015-10-15 Sakari AilusList supported formats with -f help
2015-05-05 Laurent PinchartZero the planes array before queuing buffers
2015-03-20 Laurent Pinchartyavta: Fix printing of device capabilities
2015-02-25 Laurent PinchartPrints bytes used for all planes
2015-01-07 Sakari AilusFix data offset config option parsing
2015-01-07 Sakari AilusRename buffer prefix as data prefix
2015-01-02 Sakari Ailusyavta: Add support for 10-bit packed raw bayer formats
2015-01-02 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2014-12-15 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2014-12-15 Sakari Ailusyavta: Implement data_offset support for multi plane...
2014-12-15 Sakari Ailusyavta: Set plane size for mplane buffers in qbuf
2014-10-26 Sakari Ailusyavta: Add --queue-late option for delay queueing buffe...
2014-09-30 Laurent PinchartAdd support for premultiplied formats
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