descriptionFB device test application
ownerLaurent Pinchart
last changeTue, 24 Apr 2012 10:49:39 +0000 (12:49 +0200)
2012-04-24 Laurent PinchartAdd alpha blending support master
2012-04-20 Laurent PinchartAdd gradient test pattern
2011-11-29 Laurent PinchartSupport NV12, NV21, NV16, NV61, NV24 and NV42 formats
2011-11-29 Laurent PinchartAdd support for fourcc-based format API
2011-08-18 Laurent PinchartAdd red, blue and green bitfields information to device...
2011-08-18 Laurent PinchartUpdate fixed screen info after changing format or resol...
2011-08-18 Laurent PinchartAdd .gitignore
2011-08-18 Laurent PinchartAdd support for lines test pattern
2011-08-18 Laurent PinchartAdd support for user-selectable test patterns
2011-04-30 Laurent PinchartInitial commit
7 years ago master