descriptionOMAP3 ISP live display and snapshot sample applications
ownerLaurent Pinchart
last changeThu, 12 Nov 2015 15:37:42 +0000 (17:37 +0200)
2015-11-12 Laurent PinchartAdd support for static compilation master
2015-11-12 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Add rotation support
2015-11-12 Laurent Pinchartisp: stats: Fix signed vs. unsigned comparison warning
2015-11-12 Laurent Pinchartisp: v4l2: Fix capabilities parsing
2013-03-07 Laurent Pinchartisp: Support format conversion in scaler
2013-03-07 Laurent Pinchartisp: Support allocating an output buffers pool for...
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartisp: Add crop support for the viewfinder
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartisp: Support raw viewfinder formats
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Return a negative error code in vo_queue_buffer()
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Use the output overlay buffer type
2012-11-15 Laurent Pinchartmedia: Fix valgrind warnings
2012-11-15 Laurent Pinchartevents: Safeguard against event deletion in event callbacks
2012-10-24 Laurent Pinchartisp: Use the requested input format for M2M pipelines
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Scale instead of cropping when scaling on...
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartlive: Add snapshot and scaler support
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Add scaler API
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