descriptionUVC gadget userspace sample application
ownerLaurent Pinchart
last changeThu, 2 May 2019 09:09:24 +0000 (12:09 +0300)
2019-05-02 Paul add mjpeg master
2019-05-02 Paul Elderconfigfs: parse mjpeg streaming format
2019-02-13 Paul Eldergitignore: replace all entries by build directory
2019-02-13 Paul Eldercmake: enable C warning flags
2019-02-06 Paul Elderuvc: reply with max frame rate in response to UVC_GET_MAX
2019-02-06 Paul Elderstream, uvc: add uvc_stream_set_frame_rate
2019-02-06 Paul Elderv4l2-source: implement set_frame_rate op
2019-02-06 Paul Eldervideo-source: add video_source_set_frame_rate
2019-02-06 Paul Elderv4l2: add v4l2_set_frame_rate
2018-08-30 Kieran Binghammain: Initialise stream object to NULL
2018-07-31 Kieran Binghamlib: configfs: Detect configfs mount point
2018-07-31 Paul Elderlib: Compile custom glob() implementation for Android
2018-07-31 Laurent Pinchartlib: glob: Fix compilation on Android
2018-07-31 Laurent Pinchartlib: glob: Fix compilation
2018-07-31 Laurent Pinchartlib: Import glob.c from glibc 2.26
2018-07-31 Paul Elderlib: configfs: Globalize nested configfs callback functions
3 months ago master