descriptionUVC gadget userspace sample application
ownerLaurent Pinchart
last changeTue, 22 May 2018 18:18:37 +0000 (21:18 +0300)
2018-05-22 Kieran Binghamuvc-gadget: Correct spelling of necessary master
2018-05-22 Kieran Binghamuvc-gadget: Sort include headers
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Replace USERPTR support with DMABUF support
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Split buffer allocation and mapping
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use V4L2 helper functions
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Fail v4l2_alloc_buffers() when buffers are alread...
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Free v4l2_device object when closing it
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Import V4L2 support code from omap3-isp-live
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use macros from tools.h
2018-05-21 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Dynamically watch/unwatch uvc device fd
2018-05-21 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Use events library
2018-05-21 Paul Elderevents: Remove select timeout
2018-05-21 Paul Elderevents: Switch to _DEFAULT_SOURCE
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartevents: Add a cleanup function
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartevents: Extend the events_unwatch_fd() API with an...
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartevents: Import event handling library from omap3-isp...
8 months ago master