gitignore: replace all entries by build directory
[uvc-gadget.git] / Makefile
2018-06-12 Laurent PinchartSplit UVC gadget into a library and test application
2018-06-09 Laurent PinchartMakefile: Suppress unused parameter warnings
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-source: Add V4L2 source class
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartvideo-source: Add abstract video source class
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Extract video buffer structure to separate file
2018-06-08 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: factor out uvc protocol and stream handling...
2018-05-26 Kieran Binghamconfigfs: Provide configfs support
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Import V4L2 support code from omap3-isp-live
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartevents: Import event handling library from omap3-isp...
2010-06-07 Laurent PinchartInitial import