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[uvc-gadget.git] / uvc-gadget.c
2018-06-08 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: factor out uvc protocol and stream handling...
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Don't hardcode the maximum payload transfer...
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Don't hardcode formats and frame sizes
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartconfigfs: Refactor ConfigFS parsing code
2018-05-26 Kieran Binghamconfigfs: Handle interface numbers
2018-05-26 Kieran Binghamconfigfs: Provide configfs support
2018-05-23 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Implement streaming from a capture device
2018-05-23 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Add struct uvc_stream
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Remove bulk support
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Constify request data pointers
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use uvc_fill_streaming_control in uvc_event...
2018-05-22 Kieran Binghamuvc-gadget: Correct spelling of necessary
2018-05-22 Kieran Binghamuvc-gadget: Sort include headers
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Split buffer allocation and mapping
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use V4L2 helper functions
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use macros from tools.h
2018-05-21 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Dynamically watch/unwatch uvc device fd
2018-05-21 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Use events library
2018-05-20 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use new kernel API header
2017-03-06 Roger Quadrosuvc-gadget: Do not send Set Interface (alternate settin...
2010-06-07 Laurent PinchartInitial import