descriptionYet Another V4L2 Test Application
ownerLaurent Pinchart
last changeTue, 8 Jan 2019 21:25:20 +0000 (23:25 +0200)
13 days ago Rajmohan ManiAdd meta-data output support master
2019-01-08 Laurent PinchartUpdate kernel headers to v5.0-rc1
2018-11-18 Jacopo MondiAdd support for IPU3 raw 10-bit Bayer packed formats
2018-11-18 Jacopo MondiUpdate kernel headers to v4.19
2017-08-24 Laurent PinchartAdd meta-data capture support
2017-08-24 Laurent PinchartUpdate kernel headers to v4.12
2016-10-24 Laurent PinchartAdd YVU 3-planar formats support
2016-10-24 Laurent PinchartAdd HSV24 and HSV32 formats support
2016-10-24 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2016-06-17 Laurent PinchartFix handling of last buffers before end of capture
2016-06-15 Laurent PinchartAdd YUV422M and YUV444M support
2016-06-15 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2016-05-13 Laurent PinchartPrint driver name when querying capabilities
2015-12-14 Tuukka ToivonenReturn proper error code if STREAMON fails
2015-12-12 Laurent PinchartPrint the number of frames and bytes captured when...
2015-10-15 Sakari AilusList supported formats with -f help
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