Compose rectangle support for libv4l2subdev
[media-ctl.git] / src /
2012-05-25 Sakari AilusCompose rectangle support for libv4l2subdev
2012-05-25 Sakari AilusNew, more flexible syntax for format
2012-05-25 Laurent Pinchartoptions: Remove unnecessary commas from EBNF syntax
2012-05-05 Sakari Ailuslibmediactl: Implement MEDIA_ENT_ID_FLAG_NEXT in media_...
2012-05-05 Sakari AilusSupport selections API for crop
2012-04-29 Sergio AguirreCompare name length to avoid false positives in media_g...
2012-04-09 Sergio AguirreAdd support for YUV420 formats
2011-10-22 Sakari AilusSeveral printout fixes.
2011-10-14 Laurent PinchartPrint media device information when called with -p...
2011-10-10 Laurent PinchartSwitch to the LGPLv2.1+ license
2011-10-08 Gary ThomasAdditional formats used by BT-656 sensors
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusRemove extra verbosity
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusAdd debugging handler
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusAdd link to media_device from the media_entity
2011-10-08 Sakari Ailuslibv4l2subdev and libmediactl are not test programs
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusMove V4L2 subdev format parsing from main.c to subdev.c
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusMove link parsing from main.c to media.c, making it...
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusRename files to match the names of the libraries
2011-09-06 Andy Shevchenkolibmediactl: get rid of memset via using calloc
2011-09-06 Andy Shevchenkolibmediactl: get the device name via udev
2011-09-06 Andy Shevchenkolibmediactl: split media_get_devname_sysfs from media_e...
2011-09-06 Andy Shevchenkolibmediactl: restruct error path
2011-06-21 Michael JonesAdd Y10, Y12 formats
2011-05-11 Laurent PinchartAdd missing 8-, 10- and 12-bit Bayer formats
2011-04-12 Todor TomovReset file descriptor value after closing a subdev
2011-04-08 Todor TomovUpdate stored link flags correctly in media_setup_link()
2011-04-08 Laurent PinchartUpdate to the latest media kernel API
2011-04-08 Todor TomovPrint all links in media_print_topology_text()
2011-02-17 Laurent PinchartUpdate to the latest media kernel API
2011-02-17 Todor TomovRename libraries to descriptive names
2011-02-17 Todor TomovInstall header files to subdir
2011-02-17 Todor TomovUpdate flags in twin link in media_setup_link()
2011-02-17 Todor TomovUse local variable to access link's flags in media_enum...
2011-02-07 Todor TomovBuild libmedia and libsubdev
2011-02-07 Todor TomovUse autotools