Expose default devices
[media-ctl.git] / src / mediactl.c
2014-03-10 Laurent PinchartExpose default devices
2014-03-10 Laurent PinchartMake the media_entity structure private
2014-03-10 Laurent PinchartMake the media_device structure private
2014-03-10 Laurent PinchartSplit media_device creation and opening
2014-03-10 Laurent PinchartRead errno before media_dbg calls
2013-09-26 Laurent PinchartPrint v4l parser position on error
2013-08-22 Laurent PinchartSupport both " and ' as string delimiters when parsing...
2013-06-10 Sascha HauerPrint parser position on error
2013-06-10 Sascha HauerPrint more detailed parse error messages
2013-03-25 Andreas BombeAdd missing stdlib.h and ctype.h includes
2013-03-25 Laurent PinchartSort headers alphabetically
2012-11-15 Laurent Pinchartmedia: Fix valgrind warnings
2012-05-05 Sakari Ailuslibmediactl: Implement MEDIA_ENT_ID_FLAG_NEXT in media_...
2012-04-29 Sergio AguirreCompare name length to avoid false positives in media_g...
2011-10-14 Laurent PinchartPrint media device information when called with -p...
2011-10-10 Laurent PinchartSwitch to the LGPLv2.1+ license
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusRemove extra verbosity
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusAdd debugging handler
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusAdd link to media_device from the media_entity
2011-10-08 Sakari Ailuslibv4l2subdev and libmediactl are not test programs
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusMove link parsing from main.c to media.c, making it...
2011-10-08 Sakari AilusRename files to match the names of the libraries