2011-02-07 Todor TomovAdd inbound links support
2011-02-07 Todor TomovModify media_entity_remote_pad() to return source pad...
2011-02-07 Todor TomovMove printing functions to main.c
2011-02-07 Todor TomovAdd media_entity_type() to media.h and make it inline.
2011-01-23 Michael JonesFix printf typos
2011-01-23 Martin Hostettlermedia-ctl: subdev: add Y8 format.
2011-01-19 Todor Tomovmain.c: allow spaces in format definition
2011-01-04 Todor Tomovmedia.c: fix NULL pointer dereference in media_enum_links()
2011-01-04 Todor Tomovmedia.c: fix array overrun in media_entity_subtype_to_s...
2010-12-21 Laurent PinchartUse installed kernel headers instead of in-tree headers
2010-10-21 Laurent PinchartUpdate to the latest media kernel API
2010-10-20 Laurent PinchartPrint subdev device node names in dot diagrams
2010-09-28 Todor Tomovmain.c: Fix crop rectangle printing format
2010-08-20 Laurent PinchartUse sysfs to locate devices nodes
2010-08-16 Todor TomovMake format setting optional for -f option
2010-08-16 Todor TomovChange crop rectangle format from L,T/WxH to (L,T)/WxH
2010-08-11 Laurent PinchartAdd a --get-format option
2010-08-01 Laurent PinchartConfigure cropping on output pads before setting the...
2010-07-30 Sergio AguirreBe able to add more CFLAGS
2010-07-30 Sergio AguirreCreate initial .gitignore file
2010-07-02 Laurent PinchartPrint video device node names in dot diagrams
2010-07-01 Todor Tomovmain.c: fix spaces check in parse_pad()
2010-07-01 Laurent PinchartPrint crop rectangle when printing the topology
2010-07-01 Todor TomovV4L2 subdev frame interval support
2010-06-29 Laurent PinchartV4L2 subdev crop support
2010-06-14 Laurent PinchartEnumerate entities using MEDIA_ENTITY_ID_FLAG_NEXT
2010-06-08 Laurent Pinchartstrerror takes a non-negative integer
2010-06-03 Laurent PinchartDon't exit with an error when called with -h
2010-06-02 Laurent PinchartPrint active formats when printing device topology
2010-05-21 Laurent PinchartAdd --print-dot option to print topology as a dot graph
2010-05-20 Laurent PinchartDon't set formats on remote pads if the remote entity...
2010-05-19 Laurent PinchartZero structures before filling them
2010-05-19 Laurent PinchartReturn -errno in functions returning a negative error...
2010-05-18 Laurent PinchartInitial import