2015-11-12 Laurent PinchartAdd support for static compilation master
2015-11-12 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Add rotation support
2015-11-12 Laurent Pinchartisp: stats: Fix signed vs. unsigned comparison warning
2015-11-12 Laurent Pinchartisp: v4l2: Fix capabilities parsing
2013-03-07 Laurent Pinchartisp: Support format conversion in scaler
2013-03-07 Laurent Pinchartisp: Support allocating an output buffers pool for...
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartisp: Add crop support for the viewfinder
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartisp: Support raw viewfinder formats
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Return a negative error code in vo_queue_buffer()
2013-02-10 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Use the output overlay buffer type
2012-11-15 Laurent Pinchartmedia: Fix valgrind warnings
2012-11-15 Laurent Pinchartevents: Safeguard against event deletion in event callbacks
2012-10-24 Laurent Pinchartisp: Use the requested input format for M2M pipelines
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Scale instead of cropping when scaling on...
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartlive: Add snapshot and scaler support
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Add scaler API
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Protect against starting viewfinder and snapshot...
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartlive, snapshot: Split the viewfinder and snapshot API
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Split the viewfinder and snapshot API
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Add support for memory-to-memory pipelines
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Remove scaler argument to omap3_isp_pipeline_try_f...
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartlive: Add digital zoom support
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartlive, snapshot: Add option to disable AEWB
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Add live zoom support
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Print the device name in error messages
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-pool: Initialize buffer indexes when creating...
2012-10-20 Laurent Pinchartisp: Emulate global gain for sensors that only expose...
2012-10-19 Enric Balletbo... live: Support 16bpp and 24bpp RGB frame buffer formats
2012-10-04 Laurent PinchartREADME: Document kernel headers installation process
2012-06-21 Laurent Pinchartsensor: Fix omap3_isp_sensor_get_exposure()
2012-06-21 Laurent Pinchartsensor: Support setting gains selectively
2012-06-21 Laurent Pinchartvideout: Add support for disabling chroma keying
2012-06-21 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Fix coding style
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartstats: Don't mess up Bayer pattern when setting the...
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartiq: Add manual saturation setting
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Add JPEG compression support
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartiq: Add ae-delay and ae-interval parameters
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartiq: Add statistics window size and position parameters
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartiq: Make the IQ parameters configurable
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Enable statistics for snapshot capture
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Use AEWB algorithm
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartlive: Use AEWB algorithm
2012-05-01 Laurent PinchartAdd naive AEWB algorithm
2012-05-01 Laurent Pinchartstats: Add support for the AEWB statistics engine
2012-04-20 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Add ISP crop support
2012-04-19 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Add support for greyscale sensors
2012-04-19 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: YUV formats use *8_1X16 media bus codes
2012-04-17 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Unsupported subdev ioctls returned -EINVAL...
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartevents: Stop dispatching events immediately when reques...
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Allow the skip parameter to be 0
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Support capturing multiple frames per snapshot
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Update to the multiple snapshot capture API
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Support capture of multiple snapshots
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartevents: Make the event loop reusable
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Make number of snapshots configurable
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Make viewfinder optional
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Make viewfinder optional
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Add -s/--size argument to specify snapshot...
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Add -c/--crop argument to specify crop rectangle
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Update to the libomap3isp crop API
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Support cropping for snapshot capture
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Add option to save snapshots to disk
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartcontrols: Add support for sensor gain
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartcontrols: Make sure subdev is open before setting CCDC...
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartcontrols: Add preview engine digital gain and white...
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Store ccdc, preview and sensor entities in...
2012-04-16 Laurent Pincharttools: Add div_round_up() macro
2012-04-16 Laurent Pincharttools: Add min_t, max_t, clamp and clamp_t macros
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsubdev: Avoid double-close in v4l2_subdev_close()
2012-04-16 Laurent PinchartAdd support for exception events
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Add exception fd watch type
2012-04-16 Laurent PinchartFactor event handling code out into events.c
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartsnapshot: Replace -y argument with -f to freely select...
2012-04-16 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Support the CCDC lane shifter
2012-01-06 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Make number of buffers mandatory in pipeline...
2012-01-06 Laurent Pinchartlive: Fix video output localization
2012-01-06 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Take pixel format as a parameter to vo_init()
2012-01-06 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Remove unneeded crop settings
2011-10-15 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Activate the pipeline when setting the scaler
2011-10-15 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Handle scaler properly in omap3_isp_pipeline_...
2011-10-15 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Setup running and queued fields in omap3_isp_...
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Close subdevs when destroying pipelines
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Reorder viewfinder functions to avoid forward...
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Add omap3_isp_video_queue/dequeue_buffer...
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Add omap3_isp_video_start/stop() functions
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Add isp device field to struct omap3_isp_video
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Don't mess up with omap3_isp_video::dequeued...
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Add support for 12-bit Bayer formats
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Retrieve media device information in media_open()
2011-10-14 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: CCDC black level compensation control
2011-10-05 Laurent Pinchartlive: Make the number of video buffers configurable
2011-10-05 Laurent Pinchartvideoout: Add vo_cleanup() function to close the video...
2011-10-05 Laurent Pinchartlive: Use global frame count to display the FPS counter
2011-10-05 Laurent Pinchartlive: Add support for periodical skipping of frames...
2011-10-05 Laurent Pinchartlive: Locate the video output device node automatically
2011-09-04 Laurent Pinchartcontrols: Add sensor exposure time and gains controls
2011-09-04 Laurent Pinchartomap3isp: Use ":SENSOR" to refer to the sensor when...
2011-09-04 Laurent Pinchartlist.h: Fix list_first_entry() and list_last_entry...
2011-09-04 Laurent Pinchartlist.h: Add list_insert_before and list_insert_after...
2011-09-04 Laurent Pinchartlist.h: Add list_empty macro