2019-07-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Add Makefile master
2017-11-15 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Make the exporter selectable
2016-11-29 Sylwester Nawrockiv4l2-jpeg-codec-test: Use single write call for copying...
2016-11-29 Sylwester Nawrockiv4l2-jpeg-codec-test: Ensure V4L2 data structures are...
2016-11-29 Sylwester Nawrockiv4l2-jpeg-codec-test: V4L2 capabilities testing fix
2016-09-20 Jacek Anaszewskiv4l2-jpeg-codec-test: Added support for Exynos3250...
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Don`t dequeue first frame
2015-07-09 Divya Jaiswalv4l2-mfc-example: Add EOS
2015-07-09 Arun Kumar Kv4l2-mfc-example: Initial support for VP8 parser
2015-07-09 Divya Jaiswalv4l2-mfc-example: 0 data length
2015-07-09 Mateusz KrawczukMakefiles update
2015-07-09 Andrzej Hajdav4l2-mfc-encoder: Correct plane initialization
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Remove memory leak detected by valgrind
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Remove gem close error when app is...
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: IPP option can be used without autodetect
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: DRM IPP add ipp thread to main.c
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Use autodetect only with IPP
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Refactoring Fimc
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Refactoring MFC
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: DRM IPP: Commit add ipp.c and basic...
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Adding DRM IPP code and refactoring...
2015-07-09 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Add and refactor gem functions
2015-07-09 Sylwester Nawrockiv4l2-mfc-example: Whitespace cleanup
2015-07-09 Sylwester Nawrockiv4l2-mfc-example: Add missing O_RDONLY define
2015-04-30 Mateusz KrawczukAdd automatic detection of drm, fimc and mfc. Update...
2015-04-30 Mateusz Krawczukexynos: remove DRM_EXYNOS_GEM_{MAP_OFFSET/MMAP} ioctls
2015-04-30 Mateusz Krawczukv4l2-mfc-example: Update makefile
2015-02-06 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add support for using default MFC...
2015-02-06 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add option to ignore FIMC format...
2015-02-06 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Update list of supported stream formats
2015-01-29 Marek Szyprowskiv4l2-mfc-example: fix capabilities flags
2014-08-07 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add big disclaimer informing about...
2014-08-07 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add support for DMABUF buffer sharing
2014-08-07 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add DRM support
2014-08-07 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add support for disabling FIMC
2014-01-08 Jacek Anaszewskiv4l2-jpeg-codec-test: version 0.1
2013-12-05 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add planes array zeroing
2013-12-05 Kamil Debskiv4l2-mfc-example: Add dequeue_capture debug
2013-05-22 Andrzej HajdaAdded codec parameters setting in command line
2013-05-22 Andrzej HajdaDo not stop encoding after empty buffers
2013-05-22 Andrzej HajdaAdded detailed set format logging
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Add support for KMS planes
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Use /dev/video0 by default
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Exit when no argument is specified
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Fix rectangle parsing
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Sort options alphabetically and by...
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Don't enqueue initial page flip
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Factor out page flipping
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Factor out v4l2 buffer queuing and...
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Factor out drm and v4l2 device initia...
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Stop mode lookup at first match
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Fix compiler warnings on 64-bit machines
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Fix compiler warnings
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Use connector IDs instead of connecto...
2013-03-13 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-drm-example: Use dumb GEM buffers
2012-11-16 Tomasz Stanislawskiv4l2-dmabuf-test-01: version 0.1.1
2012-11-16 Tomasz Stanislawskiv4l2-dmabuf-test-01: rename main file
2012-10-09 Tomasz Stanislawskiv4l2-dmabuf-test-01: version 0.1
2012-10-08 Sylwester Nawrockiv4l2-m2m-fimc-example: version 0.1
2012-10-04 Tomasz Stanislawskiv4l2-hdmi-example: version 0.1
2012-07-02 Andrzej Hajdav4l-mfc-encoder: version 0.1
2012-05-22 Tomasz Stanislawskiv4l2-drm-example: add Apache License
2012-04-12 Tomasz Stanislawskiv4l2-drm-example: dmabuf-sharing: version 0.1
2012-03-22 Kamil Debskiv4l-mfc-example: version 0.2
2012-03-06 Kamil Debskiv4l-mfc-example: version 0.1
2012-03-06 Kamil DebskiInitial commit