2019-05-02 Paul Elderuvc-gadget.sh: add mjpeg master
2019-05-02 Paul Elderconfigfs: parse mjpeg streaming format
2019-02-13 Paul Eldergitignore: replace all entries by build directory
2019-02-13 Paul Eldercmake: enable C warning flags
2019-02-06 Paul Elderuvc: reply with max frame rate in response to UVC_GET_MAX
2019-02-06 Paul Elderstream, uvc: add uvc_stream_set_frame_rate
2019-02-06 Paul Elderv4l2-source: implement set_frame_rate op
2019-02-06 Paul Eldervideo-source: add video_source_set_frame_rate
2019-02-06 Paul Elderv4l2: add v4l2_set_frame_rate
2018-08-30 Kieran Binghammain: Initialise stream object to NULL
2018-07-31 Kieran Binghamlib: configfs: Detect configfs mount point
2018-07-31 Paul Elderlib: Compile custom glob() implementation for Android
2018-07-31 Laurent Pinchartlib: glob: Fix compilation on Android
2018-07-31 Laurent Pinchartlib: glob: Fix compilation
2018-07-31 Laurent Pinchartlib: Import glob.c from glibc 2.26
2018-07-31 Paul Elderlib: configfs: Globalize nested configfs callback functions
2018-07-31 Kieran Binghamlib: configfs: Fix asprintf return value usage
2018-06-12 Paul Elderuvc: check ioctl return value for error
2018-06-12 Laurent PinchartAdd README.md file
2018-06-12 Laurent PinchartImport the g_uvc.h header from the kernel sources
2018-06-12 Laurent Pinchartlib: Relicense code under the LGPL-2.1+
2018-06-12 Laurent PinchartUpdate copyright dates and owner
2018-06-12 Laurent PinchartUse SPDX headers
2018-06-12 Laurent PinchartSplit UVC gadget into a library and test application
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartstream: Fix file description header
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartuvc: Make uvc_device structure opaque
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartstream: Use abstract video sources
2018-06-09 Laurent PinchartMakefile: Suppress unused parameter warnings
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartv4l2-source: Add V4L2 source class
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartvideo-source: Add abstract video source class
2018-06-09 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Extract video buffer structure to separate file
2018-06-08 Laurent Pinchartuvc: Initialize the maxsize field internally
2018-06-08 Laurent Pinchartuvc: Add API to set video format
2018-06-08 Laurent Pinchartuvc: Add API to set function configuration
2018-06-08 Laurent Pinchartstream: Make the uvc_stream structure opaque
2018-06-08 Laurent Pinchartuvc: Handle UVC events internally in uvc.c
2018-06-08 Paul Elderstream: add documentation
2018-06-08 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: factor out uvc protocol and stream handling...
2018-06-08 Paul Elderuvc-gadget.sh: add new default frame sizes
2018-06-08 Paul Elderuvc-gadget.sh: add function to create frame size
2018-06-05 Paul Elderconfigfs: add support for bFrameIndex
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Don't hardcode the maximum payload transfer...
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Don't hardcode formats and frame sizes
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartconfigfs: Parse UVC formats, frames and intervals
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartconfigfs: Restructure attribute read to support binary...
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartconfigfs: Refactor ConfigFS parsing code
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartconfigfs: Document the uvc_function_config structure
2018-06-01 Laurent Pinchartconfigfs: Don't guess interface numbers if they can...
2018-05-26 Kieran Binghamconfigfs: Handle interface numbers
2018-05-26 Kieran Binghamconfigfs: Provide configfs support
2018-05-25 Kieran Binghamscripts: Provide a multi-function config script
2018-05-23 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Implement streaming from a capture device
2018-05-23 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Add struct uvc_stream
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Remove bulk support
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Constify request data pointers
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use uvc_fill_streaming_control in uvc_event...
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Query buffer sizes when exporting buffers
2018-05-23 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Fix typo in error message
2018-05-23 Kieran Binghamv4l2: Document expected fallthrough
2018-05-22 Kieran Binghamuvc-gadget: Correct spelling of necessary
2018-05-22 Kieran Binghamuvc-gadget: Sort include headers
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Replace USERPTR support with DMABUF support
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Split buffer allocation and mapping
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use V4L2 helper functions
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Fail v4l2_alloc_buffers() when buffers are alread...
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Free v4l2_device object when closing it
2018-05-22 Laurent Pinchartv4l2: Import V4L2 support code from omap3-isp-live
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use macros from tools.h
2018-05-21 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Dynamically watch/unwatch uvc device fd
2018-05-21 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Use events library
2018-05-21 Paul Elderevents: Remove select timeout
2018-05-21 Paul Elderevents: Switch to _DEFAULT_SOURCE
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartevents: Add a cleanup function
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartevents: Extend the events_unwatch_fd() API with an...
2018-05-21 Laurent Pinchartevents: Import event handling library from omap3-isp...
2018-05-21 Paul Elderuvc-gadget: Add .gitignore file
2018-05-20 Laurent Pinchartuvc-gadget: Use new kernel API header
2017-03-06 Roger Quadrosuvc-gadget: Do not send Set Interface (alternate settin...
2010-06-07 Laurent PinchartInitial import