2021-03-05 Laurent PinchartMove to meson build master
2021-03-05 Laurent Pinchartyavta: Add 16-bit Bayer formats
2019-02-22 Laurent PinchartRemove unnecessary semicolons
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartFix control array parsing
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartPrint numerical control type for unsupported types
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartFix emulation of old API for string controls
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartAdd optional frame count argument to pause parameter
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartRemove unneeded conditional compilation for old V4L2...
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartSupport setting control from values stored in a file
2019-02-20 Kieran BinghamAdd support to reset device controls
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartImplement compound control set support
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartImplement compound control get support
2019-02-20 Laurent PinchartImplement VIDIOC_QUERY_EXT_CTRL support
2019-02-20 Laurent Pinchartyavta: Refactor video_list_controls()
2019-02-17 Sakari AilusZero dev in main()
2019-01-26 Niklas Söderlundyavta: Add basic gitignore file for build artifacts
2019-01-08 Rajmohan ManiAdd meta-data output support
2019-01-08 Laurent PinchartUpdate kernel headers to v5.0-rc1
2018-11-18 Jacopo MondiAdd support for IPU3 raw 10-bit Bayer packed formats
2018-11-18 Jacopo MondiUpdate kernel headers to v4.19
2017-08-24 Laurent PinchartAdd meta-data capture support
2017-08-24 Laurent PinchartUpdate kernel headers to v4.12
2016-10-24 Laurent PinchartAdd YVU 3-planar formats support
2016-10-24 Laurent PinchartAdd HSV24 and HSV32 formats support
2016-10-24 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2016-06-17 Laurent PinchartFix handling of last buffers before end of capture
2016-06-15 Laurent PinchartAdd YUV422M and YUV444M support
2016-06-15 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2016-05-13 Laurent PinchartPrint driver name when querying capabilities
2015-12-14 Tuukka ToivonenReturn proper error code if STREAMON fails
2015-12-12 Laurent PinchartPrint the number of frames and bytes captured when...
2015-10-15 Sakari AilusList supported formats with -f help
2015-05-05 Laurent PinchartZero the planes array before queuing buffers
2015-03-20 Laurent Pinchartyavta: Fix printing of device capabilities
2015-02-25 Laurent PinchartPrints bytes used for all planes
2015-01-07 Sakari AilusFix data offset config option parsing
2015-01-07 Sakari AilusRename buffer prefix as data prefix
2015-01-02 Sakari Ailusyavta: Add support for 10-bit packed raw bayer formats
2015-01-02 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2014-12-15 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2014-12-15 Sakari Ailusyavta: Implement data_offset support for multi plane...
2014-12-15 Sakari Ailusyavta: Set plane size for mplane buffers in qbuf
2014-10-26 Sakari Ailusyavta: Add --queue-late option for delay queueing buffe...
2014-09-30 Laurent PinchartAdd support for premultiplied formats
2014-09-30 Laurent PinchartAdd --buffer-size argument
2014-09-30 Laurent PinchartAdd support for missing RGB formats
2014-09-30 Laurent PinchartUpdate headers from upstream kernel
2014-06-25 Laurent PinchartAdd support for printing string controls
2014-05-24 Laurent PinchartAdd log status support
2014-05-24 Laurent PinchartAdd support for interlaced formats
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusSet timestamp for output buffers if the timestamp type...
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusSupport copy timestamps
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusShorten dequeued buffer info print
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusPrint timestamp type and source for dequeued buffers
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusTimestamp source for output buffers
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusAllow passing file descriptors to yavta
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusProvide -B option for setting the buffer type
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusMake struct for buffer type and name mapping usable...
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusSeparate querying capabilities and determining buffer...
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusProvide functions for setting the buffer type and check...
2014-04-16 Sakari AilusSeparate device object initialisation and opening
2014-04-01 Sakari AilusPrint timestamp source (start-of-exposure or end-of...
2014-04-01 Sakari AilusUpdate headers from upstream kernel, including timestam...
2014-04-01 Laurent PinchartAdd YV420M support
2014-04-01 Laurent PinchartAdd NV16M and NV61M support
2014-04-01 Laurent PinchartAdd NV12M and NV21M support
2014-04-01 Laurent PinchartUpdate videodev2.h kernel header file
2014-04-01 Laurent PinchartSupport multiplanar buffers verification
2014-04-01 Detlev CasanovaLoad multiplane files
2014-04-01 Detlev CasanovaAdd multi-plane support
2014-04-01 Laurent PinchartAdd video_is_output() and video_is_capture() helper...
2014-04-01 Laurent PinchartUse format information structure directly
2014-04-01 Detlev CasanovaMake buffer structure multiplane aware
2014-01-09 Laurent PinchartMark current menu value with a (*) when querying controls
2013-12-05 Sakari AilusInteger64 and string controls can't be accessed using...
2013-12-05 Sakari AilusMake VIDIOC_[GS]_CTRL work
2013-12-04 Sakari AilusSupport additional dpcm compressed bayer formats.
2013-08-22 Laurent PinchartSupport device caps
2013-06-25 Laurent PinchartTruncate existing files when writing frames to memory
2013-06-25 Laurent PinchartAdd support for VYUY and YVYU formats
2012-11-28 Sakari AilusPrint v4l2_buffer timestamp type
2012-11-27 Sakari AilusUpdate kernel header files
2012-04-16 Sakari AilusSupport extended controls, including 64-bit integers
2012-04-16 Sakari AilusSupport integer menus
2012-04-16 Sakari AilusAdd videodev2.h to allow building on systems without...
2012-01-25 Laurent PinchartAdd --stride argument
2012-01-25 Andy Shevchenkowarn if written size is different to original one
2012-01-24 Jacob PanAdd NV pixel formats
2011-12-21 Laurent PinchartAdd support for Y10 and Y12 pixel formats
2011-12-09 Giorgio VazzanaAdd missing header file sys/stat.h
2011-11-25 Laurent PinchartSupport writing all frames to a single file
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartExit when VIDIOC_STREAMON fails.
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartPrint both error text and error code in error messages.
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartUse monotonic clock to retrieve timestamps
2011-10-25 Laurent PinchartAdd support for RGB formats
2011-08-10 Laurent PinchartAdd buffer overrun checks
2011-07-11 Laurent PinchartFree userspace buffers when freeing video buffers
2011-07-11 Laurent PinchartAdd --realtime option to switch to RR scheduling
2011-05-14 Laurent PinchartAdd support for missing Bayer formats
2011-05-04 Laurent PinchartPrint class controls as headers